“… they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.”

Mark 16:18b

I came to The Healing Center with chronic pain in my back. I began to learn about God’s willingness and ability to heal. I received prayer from the healing team and at the same time, applied God’s Word (which promises His healing) by reading, meditating and believing His Word. Instantly, the pain went away and I was pain free for the first time in two years!

- Eileen

I was diagnosed with cancer and underwent pin point radiation for this condition. I was scheduled for 10 weeks of radiation. I began to attend The Healing Center weekly. My radiation treatments were reduced from 10 weeks to 8! Out of the possible side effects, I manifested only one, tiredness. I am now back to normal doing things like cutting trees and working in my yard.

- Zack

I came into the Healing Center with cancer in my chest. In addition, I had fallen off a ladder and seriously injured my back. The team prayed and God instantly healed my back. Then the team taught me and my wife how to release God’s healing through His Word. We faithfully did that as I went through the prescribed cancer treatments. Several weeks later I was completely cancer free and I went back to work!!!


Accepting The Ministry of Healing

God is a God of healing today!!! Have hope!

We at The Healing Center constantly witness the wonderful healing power of God regardless of medical condition. At The Healing Center we discovered a number of keys which we teach and practice to access God’s healing power:


  • Come to The Healing Center
  • Learn God’s promises in His Word pertaining to His willingness and power to heal.
  • Apply those promises by reading, meditating and believing they are for you.
  • Allow our trained team to release God’s healing power over you through prayer.
  • Continue until God’s healing fully comes forth.

Our Location

Located In The Faith Plaza

2480 US Route 9W, Ravena, NY 12143

Phone: 1.518.756.6542

Web: www.aboundinglove.net

Come To The Healing Center

Free of Charge! No minimum or maximum time commitment.

Donations accepted.

Biblical Based Approach –

A Two-Prong Strategy

1. God is a God of His Word, and in His Word (The Bible), He teaches that by His Word alone, He heals. So, we teach participants how to apply God’s Word to God’s healing release.

2. Jesus Christ has given His church power and authority to heal the sick. So, trained team members release that healing power through prayer over those in need.


Sozo is a ministry that helps people heal from hurts from the past through connecting with the love of the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. It is a pathway toward healing and wholeness.  For more information contact the church office at 518-756-6542.

The Courts of Heaven

The Courts of Heaven is a platform of prayer in which we approach the Lord as Righteous Judge to receive a verdict of breakthrough for those issues that have not changed or are not changing. It can be a life changing process of accessing the goodness of God.