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Kid's Ministry

Our children’s ministry is currently serving children 6 - 11 years of age.  This ministry exists to help those in our care know God and grow to become like His Son, Jesus Christ. 


Our nursery is available for children ages 0 - 5 years.

Children ages 6 thru 11 are actively engaged in lessons to help them  understand God’s Word and be able to defend their faith in today’s world.  Lessons taught focus on how God’s Word relates to their lives today.


Our staff and volunteers have a heart for children.  They understand it is a privilege to teach the Word of God, and value the time each Sunday to impart practical ways God speaks to them.  Our approach balances the seriousness of the gospel with a learning environment of acceptance and love along with fun games, skits, object lessons, videos and crafts.

Launch Youth Group

LAUNCH is a community-based youth group where we focus on: God, Community, Others and Ourselves. We’re building Christ-centered, healthy relationships through Bible study, team-building activities, fast-paced games and FUN! 

Ladies' Bible Study

Ladies' Bible Study offers a weekly opportunity to study God's Word, pray together, and enjoy fellowship every Thursday at 7pm. You can request the Zoom Link from Pastor Mary Beth. Currently, they are studying the book “Strength in the Struggle" by Lauren Ibach.

Life Studies

Our Tuesday Evening Life Study is a varying series of courses/topics offered to help people grow in their personal relationship with the Lord as well as apply God’s truth to improve their life, their families and the community we live in.


The focus is application of course principles to see transformation into the abundant life God has promised in His Word.


Past courses have included the International School of Ministry Curriculum, leadership growth, operating in the Courts of Heaven to receive answers in prayer, a study of end time considerations, and others. We find that we have persons from other churches coming to receive the teaching as well. Our vision is to extend these teachings for all who want to be a part. For more information, reach out to Pastor Mary Beth.

Healing Rooms

We at The Healing Center constantly witness the wonderful healing power of God regardless of medical condition. At The Healing Center we discovered a number of keys which we teach and practice to access God’s healing power:


  • Come to The Healing Center

  • Learn God’s promises in His Word pertaining to His willingness and power to heal.

  • Apply those promises by reading, meditating and believing they are for you.

  • Allow our trained team to release God’s healing power over you through prayer.

  • Continue until God’s healing fully comes forth.

Evening Prayer

Prayer is an essential part of all Abounding Love is about. It is exciting, intimate and functionally effective. We believe God is a God of communication and prayer. This includes two way communication in which God speaks to His children every day. Many of our church initiatives, growth, moves, success and victories have come in the realms of prayer.


Thursday evening prayer is our mainstay. Extended times of prayer and intercession happen depending on the need. The Pastors believe that very little good happens apart from prayer.

Prophetic Mentoring Class

Learning how to function in the realms of hearing God’s voice.  (prophecy, dreams, visions, spiritual encounters with the Holy Spirit) 

Women's Bible Study
Life Studies
Prophetic School
Healing Rooms
Prayer Night
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